Below are some of the Testimonials received from CEEP UK Members:

“As a business law firm advising employers globally it’s important for us to be connected with an influential employers’ organisation like CEEP UK. They give us the inside track on developments within Europe, so we advise our clients as early as possible. We’re also able to network with key players right across Europe.”

Shirley Wright, Partner, Eversheds


“CEEP UK is the most influential network of public sector employers’ organisations and providers of public sector services.  It gives us the unique opportunity of taking part in European negotiations with the trade unions and enables us to lobby in relation to public procurement, employment law and many other areas of European regulation and policy.”

Michael Brodie, Director, North East Regional Employers’ Organisation


“Through our membership of CEEP UK, we’ve been able to directly influence and effectively limit the impact of the Commission’s proposals on pensions.”

 Sarah Messenger, Head of Workforce, Local Government Association


“In the growing EU community, organisations can only achieve influence if they work together.  This is particularly true for public employers’ organisations who can’t match private sector campaigning resources.  CEEP, with its privileged status as a recognised social partner, bridges this gap and plays a vital part in helping public enterprises influence EU decision making.”

Elisabetta Zanon, Director, NHS European Office


“Through my involvement in the CEEP Education and Training Working Group I’ve been able to help shape CEEP’s response to the European proposals to update the rules on mobility of professionals around Europe. It’s vital to get this right. While we want to free up movement and welcome skilled people to the UK, especially where there are shortages (for example in healthcare), we must also ensure there are safeguards so patients and consumers aren’t exposed to incompetent or fraudulent individuals. CEEP speaks up on our behalf and ensures these messages come across loud and clear to decision makers in Brussels.”

Kate Ling, Senior European Policy Manager, NHS European Office


“The EU’s draft Directive on Public Procurement is intended to be a radical  implification and modernisation of procurement law. It will have a significant effect on all contracting authorities when implemented.  CEEP UK has been active in influencing its progress by lobbying, proposing amendments and meeting key individuals.”

Mark Robinson, Chief Executive, Scape


“European legislation significantly affects the way we approach employment law in the UK. What better way to influence it than directly through social dialogue? With the help of CEEP UK, we can be part of this process.”

Helen Fairfoul, Chief Executive, Universities and Colleges Employers Association