As a recognised social partner at European level we continue with our priority to influence policy development and champion the interests of UK public sector employers & organisations and providers of public services.  We have a proactive presence and continue to ensure that we are respected at European level for our pragmatism and expertise which is drawn from volunteers within the organisations in membership.  We continued to act as gatekeepers in the interests of our membership.

Influencing European Policy

CEEP UK is part of CEEP Europe, a highly influential body officially recognised by the European Commission to participate in social debate and influence European policy.

CEEP UK is the Voice of UK Public Employers in Europe. CEEP UK is a member of CEEP (European Centre for Employers and Enterprises Providing Public Services; www.ceep.eu) – one of the European employers’ organisations officially recognised by the European Commission to participate in the social dialogue process.

One of the main objectives of CEEP UK is to be the voice of UK public service employers and providers in the European social dialogue. European social dialogue is the process by which trade union and employer organisations can exchange information and influence European policy and legislation through their European representative organisations. Over the historical development of the European Communities, the social dialogue process has become more structured and has increased significantly in importance. This is particularly true since 1991, when the Maastricht Treaty made it possible for the social partners to conclude European level framework agreements in the area of individual and collective employees’ rights. If the social partners so desire, these can form the basis of national legislation through the implementation of European Directives. Such agreements have formed the origin of the Parental Leave Directive; the Part-time Work Directive and the Fixed-term Work Directive.

The four European intersectoral social partner organisations involved in these negotiations are ETUC (the European Trade Union Confederation), BusinessEurope (representing private sector employers), UEAPME (European Organisation of Small and Medium Sized Companies) and CEEP (representing public service employers).

CEEP UK is a full member of CEEP. CEEP members include organisations which provide (or procure) essential services available to all members of the community, which are operated in the general public interest.

Membership of CEEP does not only provide access to social partner negotiations, but also allows early access to policy and regulatory documents from the European Union and the opportunity to influence these at an early stage. In addition to provides access to a network of sectoral contacts to facilitate the exchange of information and good practice.

CEEP UK members are active in HOSPEEM www.hospeem.eu, CEMR Employers Platform www.ccre.org and EFEE (eru@local.gov.uk) representing employers in the health care, local & regional government and education sectors respectively.

Meet the Team

CEEP UK is run by an Executive Committee.  The current CEEP UK President is Councillor Tom Beattie (Leader of Corby District Council). The Director of CEEP UK is Mick Brodie.

Councillor Tom Beattie

Tom is a representative of East Midlands Councils and the President of CEEP UK.

Councillor Roger Phillips

Roger is a representative of the Local Government Association and the Vice-President of CEEP UK.

Charles Nolda

Charles Nolda is CEEP UK’s Honorary Treasurer. He retired as Managing Director of what is now Local Government Association in 2004 and since then he has been active in Europe, serving as Chair of CEEP’s Social Affairs Committee for four years until 2008 and subsequently setting up the European Federation of Education Employers (EFEE) to which he is now Consultant.

Mick Brodie

Mick is the Director of CEEP UK, Lead NARE Officer and Chair of the CEEP Social Affairs Board.

Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson is the Chief Executive Officer at Scape System Builds Limited.

Mark states “my role in CEEP UK is to support the development of EU procurement activity for benefit of public employers and I see this as an important opportunity to influence and shape current and future legilslation”.

Click on the link to view CEEP UK Constitution CEEP-UK-Constitution-January-2015